Canadian teen petitions Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to remove nuts from planes

(February 2016)

Peanuts. The beloved snack is both deadly as it is tasty. A 14-year-old student with life-threatening allergies started a petition, in December, to remove nuts from planes. It now has over twenty-two thousand signatures. The conversation continues.

– – – from the radio script – – –

SFX (sound of rustling food wrapper and peanut chewing)

Many enjoy snacking on nuts during their flight. Yet even tiny traces of nut oil or protein, left behind, can have devastating consequences. Luke Sullivan’s petition has many supporters, including one Toronto mother. Melissa Scheichl remembers the first time she flew with her daughter.

Clip#1: “She was two-years-old and she actually did have a reaction on the plane, just from touching the screen, right? You have the movie screens in front of you. And she broke out in hives, her face became extremely flushed.”

The Food Allergy Canada Director of Marketing and Communications, Beatrice Povolo, says people don’t realize how severe reactions become.

Clip#2: “Some people aren’t aware of how serious an allergic reaction can be and the fact that it can be life-threatening. So I think that’s something that we, as a community, need people to understand that it is a serious condition. It must be taken seriously and respected and that it is something that unfortunately can be life-threatening for some people.”

Sullivan is petitioning Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The deputy director of communications stated, in a Global News article, the Government of Canada is already looking into this matter. The Canadian Transportation Agency will examine the risks and provide the Minister of Transport with their findings. Once reviewed, they will be followed with the appropriate course of action.

Roxana Chiriac, Observer News, Toronto.

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