I am Roxana. 26. Imperfectly human.

Professionally speaking…

I’m graduating from Centennial College in June, 2016, after completing both the Journalism and Communications & Media Foundations programs.


Accompanied by two colleagues, I designed and co-created STRAYER, a women’s adventure travel magazine; worked for The East York Observer and interned with the East Yorker, both community newspapers; assisted photographer Stefan Chirila on photo shoots; design seasonal newsletters for The Kutting Krew, a landscaping company; and work part-time as a pharmacy assistant, while volunteering as a Romanian-English translator.

I can write hard and soft news, features, lifestyle and entertainment articles or scripts, across five different platforms, including print, online, radio, television and social media. My skills also include, but are not limited to, photography and videography.

As an experienced Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Premiere and Audition user, I’m ready to dive into your project and wield any software at the employer or client’s request. In the situation where I am inexperienced with your preferences, I will quickly become proficient following condensed research and studies. I refuse to be satisfied until you are.

I strive for perfection and will go an extra mile… or five.
(Please remind me I’m on deadline.)

Casually speaking…

I am an INFP archetypal self, kinesthetic learner and formerly disillusioned idealist, currently reforming as a realist. Literature, writing and other journal oriented activities fascinate me. I adore books, love learning, researching and studying.

IMG_4271cropI’m hungry for knowledge! One lifetime isn’t possibly enough to absorb every mystery or secret of our existential universe, but I’ll chase them ’till my last breath.

Religion, philosophy and psychology attract me, in particular. As I continue learning about this trio, I will write about them, healthy living, personal reflections, perspectives, animals, croissants, my artistic pursuits and journey traversing across the “Christian” spectrum.

I owe more than words can describe to Jesus Christ, but disagree with many of His followers and dislike the “Christian” label.

While I dream of living in Japan and visiting other countries, I hope to reunite with my Creator in eternity’s infinite unknown, as my final destination.

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